Alex Uriarte first became interested in law when he would accompany his father to work as an attorney in courthouses as a boy.  He enjoyed anything civics and laws and how the country worked.   Before he knew it, he enrolled in and graduated from FIU with a bachelor of science in political science in 2005.  He then chose to further his education by studying to be a juris doctor at Barry University.

While at school, he provided legal services as a clerk for a non-profit organization that assisted below-poor level citizens and residents civic representation.  Many of these clients were disabled, impaired and even had their food stamps taken away from them. They needed someone to assist them with filing and helping them get their Medicare and Medicaid and he even helped people needed a representative for civil divorces, bankruptcies and foreclosure defense.  Alex graduated from Barry University and discovered his calling in 2009.

By 2012,  he had the experience, goals and niche market (personal injury clients) he wanted to pursue and opened his own practice with the model of getting paid if and when his clients do.